Join the FIRST all Bitcoin Startup Pre-Accelerator
Application Deadline: June 10, 2023
Bitcoin * Lightning * Sidechains * Taproot * Ordinals * DLC * BRC20 * Defi * Layer 2 * Rootstock * Stacks * ZK * UXTO
Startup bootcamp from Ideation to Investment-worthy Bitcoin Startup
Next program starts June 24, 2023.

  • Are you on a mission to become the
    you are meant to be?

    Bitcoin Startup Lab is the 1st Pre-accelerator on Web3 Bitcoin.

    Our rigorous Bitcoin startup bootcamp program is designed for those of you who desire to breakthrough your limits and develop champion abilities to build an investment worthy startup on Bitcoin.

    If you believe you have the courage, intelligence, and determination, then keep reading to learn about the benefits you'll gain from becoming part of our community and completing our startup program.

Web3 Bitcoin Startup Learn-By-Doing Training Program:

Our hands on program is designed to train you to build an investment worthy Web3 Bitcoin startup. Here is just a taste of what you'll be working on with mentors and peers to develop your skills in applying Bitcoin tech & market advantages, leveraging AI tools for Web3 startups, market-entry, customer discovery, pricing, user traction, Web3 marketing and community building, developing killer features, user experience, Web3 business modeling, Tokenomics and incentive mechanisms, network effects, various technologies that enable Bitcoin applications, how to get to product-market fit, and how to effectively pitch the value your Web3 Bitcoin startup creates for the world so that you can get into an accelerator, get seed funding, and fast track your startup.

Co-Founder Matching:

Web3 startups have disruptive superpowers that can only be activated through teamwork. We recruit other talented founders and provide ample opportunities for you to meet and bond with each other. 75% of our past teams who were admitted into an accelerator found a cofounder through our network. We give you real startup assignments and tools that require teamwork to complete, so you can battle-test each other before taking the startup plunge together.

Track Record in Web3 Bitcoin space:

Our program has a proven track record of producing successful founders who not only got into the accelerator with seed funding, but also are now leading some of the most innovative startups in the Web3 Bitcoin space. With our program, you'll be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and network to join the ranks of these successful founders.

Success Cases
Startups that we helped to get into the accelerator, find co-founders, receive grants or seed funding, and/or grow users and revenue

Community of Bitcoin Champions:

We've built a community of founders, mentors, and investors with a wide range of Bitcoin knowledge and resources. Together, we work towards building a sustainable Bitcoin economy. When you're surrounded by a diverse community of champions working together to better each other, your growth as a founder is accelerated beyond your imagination and it also gives you the network you need to face and overcome any startup obstacle.

Bitcoin Ecosystem Partners
We collaborate with different tribes in the Bitcoin ecosystem to create the most opportunities for you

Web3 Bitcoin Mentorship & Innovation:

Our startup program and network opens doors and opportunities that you didn't know existed.

Mentorship: You're the sum of the people around you, so we've invited successful founders and investors who have built Web3 startups to give you mentorship. Our mentors are founders themselves, so they empathize with you and provide relevant methods, skills, and tools that are essential to building Web3 Bitcoin startups.

Innovation: To create the most innovative space to inspire your entrepreneurial mind to create the best Web3 Bitcoin products for your users, we've invited experts from multiple Bitcoin communities to talk about new technologies and methods to build products and startups on Bitcoin. Mentors come from different backgrounds including but limited to building with Lightning, Stacks, Rootstock, L1 taproot, and other Bitcoin technologies.
Meet Our Mentors

CEO & Co-founder of Bitcoin Startup Lab
Managing Partner at Bitcoin Frontier Fund. Entrepreneur, author, investor
CEO of Trust Machines & Co-founder of Stacks
Entrepreneur & Managing Partner and CIO of Broom Ventures
General Manager at Trust Machines CEO & Co-founder at Zest Protocol
General Partner at Gossamer Capital
Founder and Investor of Gaming Startups
Cofounder & CEO of IOV Labs & Rootstock
CEO at Hiro Systems
Managing Partner of Megatron Ventures, co-founder of Awesimo & Stacculents.
CEO & Co-founder of NeoSwap, NFT and AI Trading & Auctions
NFT OG; Ordinals Tech and Wishlist Use Case
CEO of Xverse, BTC, STX, and Ordinals mobile wallet
CEO & Co-founder of Deeplake, BTC Defi & Ordinals API platform
CTO & Co-founder of Zest Protocol, BTC Defi innovator
CEO & Co-founder of Force Prime
Founder & CEO of Bitfari, AdFi & Ordinals innovator
CTO of Mechanism, co-founder of BNSx
Product Lead at Hiro PBC
Co-founder & CEO of Bitflow Finance
CEO & Co-founder of Liquidium, Defi & Ordinals innovator
Cheerleader in Chief of Sovryn

VP, Head of Growth at IOV Labs

Chief of Innovation at IOV Labs
CEO & Co-founder of Mechanism, BNS core team, Co-creator of BNSx.
Ordinals movement leader
Technical Lead at IOV Labs & Rootstock
Staff Engineer at Hiro
Web3 Growth Leader, Founder & Investor
Co-founder & App Architect at Force Prime
COO & Co-founder of BitFlow Finance
CEO & Co-founder of Lucidefi, Adjunct Professor
CTO & Co-founder of Liquidium, Defi & Ordinals innovator
CEO & Founder of Frens & Speaker
COO & Co-founder of Stackswap
Head of Growth for the Stacks Foundation
CEO & Co-founder of StackerDAO Labs
CEO & Co-founder of ALEX
Tokenomics & Angel investor
General Manager of Trust Machines, Co-founder of
COO & Co-founder of ALEX
Product Lead for the Hiro Wallet
Lead Software Developer
CEO & Co-founder of Ryder
Community Growth and Programs Lead at the Stacks Foundation.
Head of Product at Remodelmate
CEO & Co-founder of Hirevibes
CEO & Co-founder of Arkadiko
CEO & Co-founder of

Program Fees:

If you are a champion founder in the making, then the Bitcoin Startup Lab has a unique approach to help you keep your startup costs low. We cover the entire program fee of $50,000, allowing you to focus on building your Web3 Bitcoin startup. In exchange for our services, we believe in an equity-for-services model, where our success depends on your success. We're invested in your journey and will only benefit if you do too, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Bitcoin Startup Lab Program Details & Syllabus:

June 24th - Sept. 30th, our program will give you everything that you need to build a successful Bitcoin-focused startup. We provide you with over 70 live classes and workshops and 220+ class hours taught by over 50 of the smartest and most successful founders in our ecosystem. Upon reaching startup milestones, you will gain access to mentors that are experts in topics that include the lean startup method, product market fit, Bitcoin technologies, Web3 Bitcoin business models, Web3 network effects, Team building, and investment pitching.

Don’t miss your opportunity to build something impactful, while receiving the guidance to succeed!
Bitcoin Startup Program Syllabus
Part I
3.5 weeks, 20 Sessions
  • Kickoff: June 24th.

  • Week 0: Orientation, icebreakers, co-founder matching & setup.

  • Week 1: How is Web3 better than Web2: Flywheels, community, Tokenomics, network effects - Part I; Building Flywheel & Tokenomics & incentive mechanisms, Tokenomics case studies; top blockchain protocols case studies, top Defi case studies, top non-Defi case studies.

  • Co-founder matching / live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops

  • Week 2: Building an investment-ready startup + foundations in lean startup & scientific customer interview techniques.
  • Co-founder matching / live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops / Ordinals & Bitcoin layer one VIP speakers

  • Week 3: Pivoting to your fulcrum + product market fit = The foundation of your investment-ready startup.
  • Co-founder matching / live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops / Defi VIP speakers
Part II
3 weeks, 18 Sessions
  • Week 4: Implement Web3 marketing strategies in the Bitcoin space, including attracting early adopters on social media and creating impactful branding (naming & landing page, etc.).
  • Co-founder matching / live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops / alternative Bitcoin protocols VIP speakers

  • Week 5: Low-tech product trial + crash course for different Bitcoin protocols, apis and tech stacks.
  • Co-founder matching / live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops

  • Week 6: Participating in a private hackathon to get your proof of concept and killer feature on Testnet, gathering user feedback, and building a strong community around your startup.
  • Co-founder matching / live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops
Part III
3 Weeks, 18 Sessions

  • Week 7: Explore the art of team building, including hiring, firing, and finding strong co-founders and advisors.
  • Co-founder matching / live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops / DAO business models

  • Week 8: Unlock Web3 superpowers: Flywheel, community, Tokenomics, network effects - Part II.
  • Co-founder matching / live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops

  • Week 9: Unlock Web3 superpowers: Flywheel, community, Tokenomics, and network effects - Part III.
  • Co-founder matching / live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops
Part IV
3.5 Weeks, 20 Sessions
  • Week 10: Learn Web3 growth hacking techniques to build your business and attract your best user base.
  • Co-founder matching / live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops

  • Week 11: Crash course in pitching skills.
  • Live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops

  • Week 12: Final pitch to Accelerators: Showcase your startup to potential investors and accelerator programs.
  • Live startup builder techniques / hands on workshops
  • Graduates: Those who make it through the entire gauntlet and build investment worthy startups become lasting members in our all founders community and shall enjoy the inside network of experts, founders, and investors in Web3, AI, and Bitcoin.
  • Trevor Owens
    Managing Partner at Bitcoin Frontier Fund
    "We love fast-tracking entrepreneurs who graduate from the Bitcoin Startup Lab because they are ready to hit the ground running at our Accelerator and raise capital!"

  • Tom Giles
    Managing Partner of Megatron Ventures
    “The Bitcoin Startup Lab brings a wealth of energy and opportunities to supercharge growth across the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. They are an incredible resource to anyone looking to build on Bitcoin, and an amazing group of people!”
  • Abdel Harraz
    Co-founder & CEO of Deeplake Finance
    "Bitcoin Startup Lab is a high-quality program with a tremendous amount of learning. It helps a segment of entrepreneurs that are looking to be onboarded to the Bitcoin ecosystem but are not complete accelerator materials.
    The program fits perfectly in the logistics of building great companies on top of Bitcoin."

  • Anatoly Kozlov
    Co-founder & CEO of Force Prime
    "As a founder with two exits and vast experience with various acceleration programs, I can confirm that this is the best program I have ever seen. Our team will definitely recommend it to all the founders we know."

  • Robin Obermaier
    Co-founder & CEO of Liquidium
    "It helps so much to have someone leading you in the very early stages of the journey of an entrepreneur. With Bitcoin Startup Lab, you have someone who motivates you, gets you to believe in yourself, and also prevents you from giving up. Without it I wouldn't be where I am now!"
  • Dylan Floyd
    Co-founder & CEO of Bitflow
    "I cannot imagine a better way for aspiring founders/developers to become fully immersed with the ecosystem and its unique advantages in such a short period of time. Having gone through the program already, I can say that the quantity and quality of resources made available to the cohort were immeasurably helpful."
  • Diego Mey
    Co-founder & COO of Bitflow
    "The Bitcoin Startup Lab was an invaluable experience for me. The connections we made and advice from the expert mentors were invaluable, on top of the methodology and growth-oriented mindset. The program helped us to validate our business model and to develop a clear product market fit that will support our go-to-market strategy. We are now better positioned to scale our business and positively impact the Web3 and Bitcoin ecosystem."
  • Scott Spiegel
    Co-founder & CEO of Bitbasel
    "Bitcoin Startup Lab has really opened my eyes to the art & science of launching a digital product. Not have the courses helped my company, but the community that has been built around the Startup Lab is second to none. Looking forward to being a part of the future growth of this program!"
  • Aidan Tsai
    Co-founder & CEO of Sefo Finance
    "Bitcoin Startup Lab is a place full of aspiring founders/developers, and these connections are essential for the success of our startups. The coaches here are excellent and will boost a startup's success rate. Overall it is a unique program that attracts many people outside the Bitcoin ecosystem and is doing great!"

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