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Compete in over $100,000 in prizes!

This hackathon is inspired by the Olympics. Countries might not always get along, but when it comes time for the Olympics we put our differences aside. In good sportsmanship, we champions put our best foot forward to collaborate and compete with other champions, becoming a better version of ourselves in the process.

It is the goal of the Bitcoin Olympics Hackathon to foster a culture of collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas among the many technology tribes of Bitcoin so that champions may innovate and build a sustainable Bitcoin economy together.

Join the 2nd ₿itcoin Olympics Hackathon, a gathering of innovators focused on building a sustainable ₿itcoin economy. We are here to encourage and support you through your innovation and founder's journey!

Immerse in cutting-edge ₿itcoin tech and build original products in AI, Web3, Defi, Ordinals, BRC-20, and Metaverse future on ₿itcoin! Connect with likeminded founders and builders, and create transformative technologies that pioneer and advance the ₿itcoin economy.

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Welcome All Innovators and Technology communities building on Bitcoin!
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Judging Criteria & Prize Tiers

1. Novelty

Must be original code building with a Bitcoin technology created between August 26th - September 30th. Be clear about how your solution is different.

2. Build Something that Matters
Does it solve a real user pain point for users of Bitcoin? The key here is to build for specific users.

3. Traction

Demonstrated user engagement and dialogue on X (Twitter).

4. Technological Implementation

How good is the code and solution? To earn top scores here, have something launched on testnet and make sure it is original code. Leveraging existing APIs and libraries etc is ok.

5. Teamwork

Single participants can join and submit, but only teams with 2-4 people may qualify for prizes. Only teams that have at least one marketing and one technical team member can get top scores.

6. Presentation

Quality of the 3-minute video presentation. Top scores go to videos with all of the above explained in a clear and concise manner.

7. Excellence
Teams must score above 3.5 to become eligible for prizes. All scores above are scored between 1 and 5, with 5 being the highest score.

8. Discord Member

You must be our Discord member to be eligible for prizes. Discord Invite Here: https://discord.gg/btcstartuplab

9. Reply Tweet

To be eligible for prizes you must replying to this tweet with hashtag #BTCOlympics https://twitter.com/btcstartuplab/status/1692238515114041838

10. Repost Tweet

To be eligible for prizes you repost this tweet. This all unlocks more prize money for you and your team! Every 100 ACTIVE contestants unlocks 20% more of the prize pool! REPOST this tweet: https://twitter.com/btcstartuplab/status/1692238515114041838

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Solo Applications: Apply individually and then team up for a fighting chance! Team matching available.

Meet our Judges!
Danny Yang
CEO at OnchainMonkey
Dominic Wörner
Senior Solution Architect at DFINITY
Charlie Spears
OrdinalHub Strategy at Luxor
Amanda Terry
COO at OnchainMonkey
Host at The Ordinal Show
Carsten Jacobsen
Senior Developer Relations Engineer at DFINITY
Developer and Dev. Advocate at Luxor
Moritz Fuller
Developer Relations Engineer at DFINITY
John Ennis
Co-Founder and CEO of Neoswap.AI
Ongun Ozdemir
Venture Associate at IOV Labs
Radu Diaconescu
Senior Developer Partner Manager at DFINITY
Abdel Harraz
Co-Founder and CEO of Deep Lake Finance
Alexei Zamyatin
Co-Founder and CEO of Interlay
Jennifer Tran
Developer Relations Engineer at DFINITY
Edan Yago
Co-Creator of Sovryn
Dominik Harz
Co-Founder and CTO of Interlay
Jay Lee
Co-Founder and CEO of Bison Labs
More Judges to Come!
Supercharging the Bitcoin Renaissance!
Bitcoin Olympics Hackathon
Important Dates
(Start Coding on August 26th. Deadline on Sep 30th.)
Tuesday, March 14
Aug 9, 2023
Aug 9, 2023
Registrations Begin

Every individual must be registered in order to qualify for the $100K+ in prizes.
Aug 9 - Aug 25
Aug 9 - Aug 25
First Cycle of Classes & Lectures

*Classes will be recorded so if you join late, you can still catchup!
During this period, you will learn how to win the prize money and learn about:

(1) The foundational elements of building a product that matters
(2) Crash course in finding customer pain points
(3) Crash course on getting and proving you have traction
(4) Learn an array of over 10 Bitcoin technologies to build your proof of concept
(5) Launch your proof of concept on testnet
(6) Learn how to make a compelling 3 minute video presentation

You will need to reach out to users during this period BEFORE you start coding!

Panels & Keynote speakers: BITCOIN TECH & STARTUP IDEAS:

  1. Artificial Intelligence X Bitcoin
  2. Nostr X Bitcoin
  3. ZKP X Bitcoin
  4. ICP/Dfinity X Bitcoin
  5. Rootstock X Bitcoin
  6. Interlay X Bitcoin
  7. Onchain Monkey - Ordinals Recursion X Bitcoin
  8. Lightning & Taproot assets X Bitcoin
  9. Hiro & sBTC X Bitcoin
  10. BRC20 (Domo) X Bitcoin
  11. DLCs X Bitcoin
  12. Ordinals as an immutable database X Bitcoin
  13. Mining X Bitcoin
  14. Bitcoin Development Kit L1 X Bitcoin
  15. Miniscript X Bitcoin
  16. Sovryn X Bitcoin
  17. Bitfari X Bitcoin
  18. ***
  19. Panel: Build something that matters on Bitcoin
  20. Panel: When and how to build on Bitcoin?
  21. Panel: Fund raising to $250,000 for your startup
  22. Panel: Build the 1st Defi Unicorns on Bitcoin
  23. Panel: Build the 1st Ordinals Unicorns on Bitcoin
  24. Panel: Fund raising to $1,000,000 for Pre-Seed
  25. ....More coming soon...
  26. Team formation
  27. AMA: Office Hours for Hackathon
  28. ...

Aug 26
Aug 26
1st Day of Coding
Only ORIGINAL code that is committed to Github between Aug 26, 12 (noon) - Sep 30th 12 noon PST will be eligible for prizes. The only exception are APIs and existing libraries that you can leverage to build a new use case for a real user problem.

Only new X (Twitter) accounts created between Aug 26, 12 (noon) - Sep 30th 12 noon PST will be eligible for prizes.
Sep 5 - Sep 25
Sep 5 - Sep 25
Mentors, Office Hours, & Workshops
While you build your Bitcoin Olympics Hackathon project, you'll get plenty of support from both technical and business experts. Office hours from savvy tech and business mentors covering the following topics

  1. Bitcoin X AI
  2. Bitcoin X ICP/Dfinity
  3. Bitcoin X Rootstock/Iov Labs
  4. Bitcoin X Interlay
  5. Bitcoin X OnchainMonkey
  6. Bitcoin X Nostr
  7. Bitcoin X ZKP
  8. Bitcoin X BRC-20
  9. Bitcoin X Ordinals
  10. Bitcoin X Build something that matters
  11. Bitcoin X DLCs
  12. Bitcoin X Hiro / Stacks
  13. Bitcoin X Twitter
  14. Bitcoin X Sovryn
  15. Bitcoin X Bitfari
  16. Bitcoin X Cyberscope
  17. Bitcoin X team formation
  18. Bitcoin X Lightning / Taproot Assets
  19. Bitcoin X Bitcoin Developer Kit
  20. Bitcoin X 3 min winning pitch
  21. Bitcoin X Investment
Sep 17
Sep 17
Registration Closes
Sep 17 (midnight) PST is the last day to register. Only registered contestants are eligible for prizes.
Sep 30
Sep 30
Final Submission Day
Your team must submit all Github code and 3-Minute video by Sep 30, 8pm PST.

Late submissions after this time is an automatic fail. Only project submissions before this time will qualify for prizes.

No exceptions!
Oct 1 - 5
Oct 1 - 5
Judging Period
There will be two levels of prizes!

(Part 1) Protocol/tech specific prizes. Over $50,000 in prizes

(Part 2) Title sponsor prize of $50,000 (distributed to 1st to 4th place). The top prize winners of other prizes will qualify as well as Bitcoin innovation categories that did not have prizes. If a prize winner from Part 1 gets the same score as a Bitcoin innovation category that did not have any prizes yet, then the later prevails.
Oct 9, 2023
Oct 9, 2023
Award Ceremony
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